The 10 commandments for passenger

1. To the pilot only you shall obey

It is important that as a passenger you understand that the pilot is the only decision maker on the aircraft. Passengers must abstain from making any comments on the decisions since the pilot is the warrant of your safety.

2. To the weather conditions you shall adapt

Pilots have received a training that gives them a great understanding of weather conditions and their consequences. The great majority of pilots did a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) training and can therefore fly in visual conditions only. Other pilots have an IFR formation and can fly under all weather conditions. Both VFR and IFR pilot's decision of flying or not is irrevocable. A passenger should never try to persuade a pilot to fly if they have decided otherwise, at the risk of endangering the flight.

3. The instruments you shall never touch

The seat next to the pilot also has piloting instruments and a piloting stick. Passengers are never allowed to touch the instruments because it could lead to serious accidents. Moreover passengers should never touch the door lock if the pilot has not instructed them to do so.

4. On the weight, you are taking on board, precise you shall be

The aircrafts in which you'll be flying are very sensitive to weight variations. The plane's gravity center is fixed by the pilot with regards to the weight passengers have declared for themselves and their luggage. Therefore it is mandatory that passengers respect the maximum weight authorized by the pilot and not move your luggage during the flight. It's for all those reasons that passengers shall indicate the weigh precisely and inform the pilot if it were to change.

5. Illegal or risky goods you shall never carry

Passengers should never take illegal or risky goods with them. If the passenger has doubts about the dangerous nature of the goods they will be carrying they should warn the pilot and check with them if the transportation is possible. If the pilot sees that you are carrying dangerous goods and they have not been warned they shall refuse to take you on board with them.

6. To the pilot friendly and polite you shall always be

Flight sharing requires a collaborative and sharing spirit. To ensure the continuity of such a practice it is mandatory that it remains a win-win situation and therefore for users be kind and polite to one another.

7. Always on time you shall arrive

The pilot plans their trip with precision. While doing so they take into account the time of departure and arrival. Thus it is important that they are able to take off on time.

8. More than the pro-rata share of cost you shall never pay

Flight Sharing is based on the sharing of the direct costs linked to the flight. It is illegal for a pilot to earn money or make a profit while conducting a Wingly flight. On Wingly we ask pilots to share the cost of the flight equally, so each passenger will never pay more than the pro-rata cost of the flight.

9. Aboard, a cigarette you shall not light

You should be aware that all flights on Wingly are non smoking flights.

10. The scenery you shall admire and experience you shall enjoy ;)

The 10 commandments for pilots

1. The pilot is the only decision maker on the aircraft and responsible for safety

The pilot is the only one who has the authority to make decisions concerning the flight and the aircraft. The presence of other people on board should never make the pilot feel pressured because they are the only one to know how to guarantee safety on board.

2. Weather forecast evaluation and flight conditions - the pilot shall inform his passengers

Bad weather conditions are sadly the primary reason for accidents in light aviation. Therefore it is mandatory that the pilot informs the passengers of the forecast while preparing the flight the day before. Keep in mind that a Wingly flight can be canceled anytime due to changing weather conditions or other reasons. The presence of passenger should not make the pilot reluctant to cancel a flight if they do not feel that the safety conditions are strong enough. Wingly has alerted all passengers of the specificities of light aviation.

3. The pro-rata share of the cost shall never be exceeded

Making money while doing Wingly flights is a violation of the law and it endangers the pilot as well as their passengers. This also qualifies the flight as commercial and leads the pilot, their aircraft and passengers to not be covered by the Wingly insurance. To ensure safety for all and the continuity of flight sharing we ask pilots on Wingly to never exceed the pro-rata share of the cost.

4. Welcome your passengers with a smile

Light aviation can legitimately be a source of fear. The majority of passengers you will share your flying experience with will be new to such leisure. Thus we kindly ask pilots to brief passengers before taking off in order to reassure them and ensure a trusting atmosphere.

5. Bring your licenses with you for the flight

Wingly always makes sure that the pilot's licences are up to date before each flight. However it is mandatory that the pilot carries their papers on the day of the flight.

6. Only on the aircraft indicated on Wingly shall be flew

When a pilot puts a flight up on Wingly they must indicate on which model of aircraft they will be flying. They must keep to their choice. If this information has to change it is mandatory that they inform the passengers of such changes.

7. In a "passenger insured" aircraft you shall fly

Aeroclubs are responsible for insuring their aircrafts, therefore pilots should check whether the plane they have planned to take is also insured for passengers and they shall be able to give proof of it to Wingly.

8. In a calm and responsible way you shall pilot

For the great majority of passengers it will be their first time on board this type of aircraft. Hence it is important to give them trust and serenity for them to be at ease. Hence it is important that the pilot adopt a smooth and non acrobatic flying.

9. 30 minutes late for your passenger you shall tolerate

Passengers are not used going to places such as aerodromes which are often outside of cities. Therefore Wingly asks pilots to be tolerant to a certain extent and wait 30 minutes if the passenger is late. You should note that Wingly asks passengers to be in advance so such a case should rarely happen.

10. Share your passion and have a great experience with Wingly