How does Wingly work?

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Pilots share free seats

There are more than 300.000 private pilots in Europe. Many of them can not afford their passion as much as they would love to.
At Wingly we make their passion cheaper with sharing the costs of flying. You can benefit from that!

An incredible experience

With Wingly you can either do scenic flights or go from a city to another.
Use Wingly to discover you country or hometown from above or go for a daytrip with a pilot and get introduced to the beauty of flying.

Step by Step Guide

Start by clicking the right arrow and see how to join a flight.

Find a suitable flight

Browse our database of flights and find a flight fitting to your desires.

Request a seat

Ask the pilot to join his flight. He will answer you within 48h.

Wait for the confirmation

After the pilot accepted your request, you are in!

Meeting point - on time

On the day of departure, be at the meeting point on time or a little bit sooner.
You may also check our Flight Etiquette

Welcome aboard!

We wish you a pleasant journey. Follow the pilots instructions and enjoy the flight.
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