Team & Careers

Bertrand Joab-Cornu

Co-Founder, Business Development

Emeric de Waziers

Co-Founder, Business Development

Lars Klein

Co-Founder, CTO


Co-Founder & Business Development
Aeronautical engineer from ISAE-SUPAERO, aviation enthusiast and entrepreneur, Bertrand joined the X-entrepreneurship Master in Polytechnique in which he performed several startup projects. He is also the founder of startup accelerator SUPAERO (Supaero Contractor). Bertrand also enjoys skiing, kite surfing and sailing during his spare time.


Co-Founder & Business Development
Pilot since the age of 15, student at Polytechnique and entrepreneur, it makes Emeric a perfect Wingly pilot. Always looking for new challenges and discovering new things he now wants to bring the passion of flying to everyone - with Wingly. He also enjoys skiing, kite surfing and sky diving in his spare time.


Co-Founder & CTO
Passionate traveler, Lars is the technical heart of the team. He created websites for businesses since the age of 15. Having founded several startups worldwide, Lars left Berlin in January 2015 to build the team and devote himself full time to Wingly.


Country Manager for the UK


Community Management




Graphic Designer


Community Management


Marketing Manager

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