Flight sharing gift card

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Price recommendations:

  • 30 Trial flight
  • 60 Sightseeing flight
  • 120 Sightseeing flight for two
  • 240 Day trip
  • 480 Day trip for two
  • £

Redeemable in 22 countries and 3000 destinations

  • Sightseeing flights from
  • Sightseeing flights from
  • Sightseeing flights from
  • Sightseeing flights from

Why go flight sharing with Wingly?


Choose between 35,000 flights to 3,000 destinations


The costs will be shared equally with the pilot


Unique experience
Fly as a co-pilot and learn from passionate pilots


All pilots are licenced, experienced, rated and insured


Discover your favorite city from a bird's eye view


Established platform
We are the biggest flight sharing platform in Europe

People who fell in love with us after flying

  • "Perfect flight - Great comms. Flight booked for my son who had a great time. Looking forward to many more flights with both Bill and Wingly - Brilliant idea!"

    Simon Simon
  • "Lewis flew myself and my girlfriend over Gillford, Woking and Surrey. The flight was smooth and comfortable and Lewis gave an excellent commentary of the surrrouding area - I would highly reccomend. Can't wait for my next flight! Thanks Lewis"

    Mike Mike
  • "Fantastic flight. Eddie is confident and reassuring at all times. Knowledgable on local sights and informative whilst in the air. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Brilliant experience. Thanks Eddie! "

    Richard Richard
  • "Perfect weather for a terrific round trip with Soma to The O2/Dome and back. He's a very knowledgeable and pleasant chap and an excellent pilot. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and not only did we see some great sights, I also learned a thing or two. I would highly recommend him. Looking forward to flying again."

    Andrew Andrew
  • "We had a great time with Nathan on our trip to the Isle of Man. He was very knowledgeable about the aircraft and was happy to answer all our questions! We will definitely use Wingly and Nathan again in the future. What a great way to spend a Bank Holiday! "

    Frank Frank

More Information

  • You will receive the gift card immediately after checkout via mail and via Wingly notifications.
  • If you took premium card option, you will receive the gift card in 3 working days
  • The card is valid for three years, and can be used by any Wingly user until its credit is depleted.
  • The card does not necessarily have to be spent on only one flight.
  • If the price of the flight exceeds the gift’s value, you’ll simply be asked to pay for the difference.
  • Vouchers purchased in GBP cannot be used for flights in Euros or vice-versa.
  • Wingly gift cards are non-refundable. Once bought, the cards could only be used on our platform.

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